Met Tec Titanium Radius Rods & Panhard Bar Stud Kit

Ti Rad Rod Kit Screw In Stud 18pcs 1 Nut

Mettec Titanium 6/4 studs have forged hex and rolled threads for better fatigue strength. Six screw in studs for Radius Rod and Front Panhard Rod to threaded frame bungs, Three 1/2-20 hex head bolts for the front axle raduis rods to front axle, plus 15pcs steel nylock nuts. KIt contains the following P/N's 6ea TD501-750 Titanium One Nut Stud Screw In Lng = .875" 3ea T4NF5001250S Titanium Hex Dimple 1/2-20 x 1-1/4" Bolt, T/L= 3/8" 9ea ST364-820G5 Steel Grade 5, 1/2-20 Nylock Nut - Shear